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Welcome to the world of textile extravaganza, where you will have one stop destination for all your textile needs. We at “Bedzlinen” work extensively on the ongoing market fashions and needs. That’s why we create one of the best in the industry designs and merchandize which fits best to our customers.

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Our commitments to the quality and on time delivery have enabled our customers to be with us since our conception of business with them. Our aim is to be a threshold name in textile world where we can create value to our customers.


Bedzlinen is known for its selection of the designs whether it is Rotary or Flat Bed. We have a reputation of sensing the taste of the customers that’s why we offer them wide range of designs to choose from and simultaneously take designs from customer of their choice to develop.

Not only in selecting the designs but also backing it with high quality printing output with our reliable printer’s and our technical team



Precision and perfection is what we try to achieve in dyeing. Process in dyeing is carried out with utmost care so as to give our customers with best of the results and achieving best delta results

Our vendor expertise of vendors have enabled us to carry out dyeing in Light – Medium – Dark shades in different fabrics ranging from Cotton , Polyester , CVC , Poly Cotton Etc.


Finishing / Hand Feel:

We think finishing is not just finishing of the fabric but it’s a task that should make space in consumer’s heart and not only the hands.

We offer wide range of finishing types: Calendaring, Zero-Zero, Peach Finish, Raising, Lisa finish to name a few. Our luster in fabric gives upper hand compared to market competitors


Our bed sets are made up with quality check in each and every step of production. We have a specialized team of fabricators for specific countries. 



We think our products should only be the visible thing in the shelf. Our eye catching packaging looks more attractive with use of high quality raw material such as Bags & Inlay cards.



This is the area we think is most important in supply chain, where we think our customer can increase their sales and get appreciation which will further strengthen our relation with them and will give us more penetration in the market.

Our Products

We have the following products: Bedsheets, Curtains & Cushions.

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